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Press Release: Will PolyMet’s Latest Draft EIS Answer Minnesota’s Lingering Questions?

MINNEAPOLIS — Conservation groups in Minnesota expressed pessimism that the “final” environmental impact statement (EIS) for the PolyMet sulfide mine proposal, which is set to be released today, will address reasonable questions raised by thousands of Minnesotans.

“We don’t know every detail of its contents, and we’ll be reviewing it closely,” said Scott Strand, Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. “But we do know what Minnesotans are looking for.“

  • Mine Waste Storage: Does the new draft of PolyMet’s plan use the best available technology to prevent a disaster like last year’s tailings dam collapse at Mount Polley?
  • Flawed Water Model: Does the new draft address the specific problems raised by independent scientists about the accuracy of the water model used to predict where polluted water will flow and how much contaminated water will have to be treated?
  • Polluted How Long? Does the new draft finally disclose how long polluted water will require expensive treatment after the mine closes?
  • Damage Deposit: Does the new draft detail the amount and form of financial assurance needed to protect Minnesota taxpayers if the mining company goes bankrupt?

Based on the preliminary materials reviewed so far, we suspect this “final EIS” will not adequately address any of these concerns. Instead, it appears regulators and PolyMet are still ducking the tough questions, while trying to reassure a skeptical public that all their worries will be addressed at some later time.

Mining Truth will review the “final EIS” and let Minnesotans how they can respond to PolyMet’s latest proposal early next week.

Mining Truth is a combined effort of Conservation Minnesota, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy to provide a resource for Minnesotans to get the facts about sulfide mining and its impacts.

MORE INFO: For more information, or to set up an interview with any of the leaders of the Mining Truth coalition, please contact Nate Dybvig at 651.230.3018 or by email, or Aaron Klemz at 612.332.9630 or by email.

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