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CM Press Release: Recycle plastic bottles and cans to help Edina students

South View Middle School Bottle DriveEDINA (Minn) The challenge was simple. Collect 10,000 plastic & aluminum beverage containers during school lunches and Conservation Minnesota would donate a dime for each and every beverage can or bottle.

The Edina South View School Environmental Group spearheaded the efforts. When the final day had arrived, the middle school had easily exceeded its goal of 10,000 recyclable containers. For their efforts, Conservation Minnesota will present the students with their reward, a check for $1,000. In an effort to decrease the amount of plastic water bottles in the lunchroom, the club plans on putting the money toward a hydration station.

Ninth grader Madison Seeley said of the experience, “We’re so excited to be participating in such a fun fundraiser for such a good cause that we’re really passionate about. It’s great to see how many people are participating in it.”

The project was created to bring attention to the Recycling Refund Act, a bill soon to be considered by the Minnesota Legislature. The bill would place a refund on all cans and bottles in an effort to reward recycling. In Michigan where a similar law is in place, the statewide recycling rate for their beverage cans and bottles is 96 percent. Minnesota currently recycles around 1/3 of that amount.

“We’re excited that the students took up this challenge and recycled so many cans and bottles,” said sixth grade teacher Steve Freese. “If we can get this bill passed, there will be a great opportunity for other schools and groups to do similar fund raising drives that will benefit not only them, but also the environment.”

More information about the Recycling Refund can be found here:

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