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Fall 2012: Dave Dempsey

Meet Dave Dempsey.  He is the author of several books on environmental topics and has worked on environmental issues both inside and outside of government for almost thirty years.

CM:  How did you become so passionate about conservation and the environment?

Dave:  Growing up in the suburbs, I always felt connected to trees and the sky more than cars and concrete.  But the long blue line of Lake Superior, which I saw on childhood trips to the north to visit my grandparents, inspired me to love the outdoors.  The Great Lakes are a treasure worth everyone’s passion.

CM:  Do you have a favorite place in Minnesota?

Dave:  Grand Marais.  Small-town charm with the world’s largest lake as a companion.  There are a lot of close seconds – the bluff country in southeast Minnesota among them.

CM:  Thanks to members like you, Conservation Minnesota has had a lot of success in protecting the Minnesota you love.  What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Dave:  Conservation Minnesota’s successful work to win voter approval of the Legacy Amendment in 2008.  It’s just astonishing.  For 20 more years we’ll be investing in lakes and land in ways that our great-grandchildren will appreciate.  No other state has anything like it.

CM:  Why do you choose to support Conservation Minnesota?

Dave:  Conservation Minnesota takes an optimistic, can-do approach.  It appeals to our hopes rather than our fears.  At the same time, it educates, instead of preaching.

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