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Fall 2012: When Candidates Come Knocking

Well, campaign season is upon us.  While most of us won’t meet the presidential candidates, people running for local offices will be knocking on our doors and calling us to ask for our votes.   It’s a good time to ask about issues that we know will be important when the legislature meets again.  Here are a few questions to keep handy by the front door:

Minnesota has already banned the toxic chemical Bisphenol A in baby bottles and sippy cups. Should it be banned in all children’s products?

Minnesota’s electronics waste recycling program only covers some televisions and computer screens. Should it be expanded to cover things like cell phones, iPods and other computer equipment?

Invasive species like zebra mussels and Asian carp are turning up in more and more of our lakes and rivers. What will you do to slow down the spread?

I would love to hear what you learn.  Let me know what your candidates say by writing me.


Paul Austin

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Darrah Williams says:

I am questioning my local senator and representative about implementing a deposit on plastic beverage bottles – water, juice, sports drinks etc. States that have a deposit have a much higher rate of return & recycling. Minnesota needs to get on board and stop filling our lakes, streams, waterways, storm sewers, ponds and parks with plastic floating junk that never goes away. It just bobs around and washes up on shore day after day after week after week! I have personally picked up 100’s this year that get tossed out the car window or thrown in the ditch or street….yuk!!! If I got a dime for each one I have bent over, picked up and put in the recycling just this year, I’d be rich!