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Spotlight: We Hear You. It’s All Important.

Over the past couple of months, we have heard from more than 5000 Minnesotans about their most important conservation concerns. It’s a remarkable response, and one that we truly appreciate.

Our work is guided by your priorities, and our goal is to find practical solutions for the challenges that matter most to Minnesotans.  Having so many people engaged in our work will make us even more effective.

So, what were the survey results?  There is absolutely no question that Minnesotans love our lakes, lands, and way of life.  And you want to protect all of it!

We asked about seven different issues, from renewable energy to recycling. The highest rated issue was protecting our water from agricultural runoff like pesticides, fertilizers and animal waste.  A whopping 87% rated that issue as important or very important.  But even the issue that came in last was rated as important or very important by 73% of survey respondents.  That is a huge majority.

With such an overwhelming response, our staff and board have been hard at work finding ways that we can have the most impact in addressing these concerns.  Our promise is to get back in touch with each person who took the survey to let them know our plan and how they can help.

If you haven’t taken our survey yet, we would still love to hear from you.  Visit and tell us what is most important to you!

Thanks for being such an important partner in our work.  Together, we can protect the Minnesota you love!


Paul Austin
Executive Director

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