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Spring 2013: Bill and Donna Halverstadt

The HalverstadtsWhen Bill Halverstadt was just seven years old, he nearly lost his life to scarlet fever.  That experience taught him what a complex world it was he was living in.  He emerged asking himself, “How can I help?”.

Since then, Bill, joined by his wife Donna, has dedicated his live to helping make the world a better place for future generations.  Together, they are rooted in a strong belief that there are basic needs we have as humans, including food, shelter, clothing, and a healthy environment.  “As soon as we understand this, we can help others achieve it.” Bill says.

Bill and Donna’s support reaches far and wide.  From helping to build wells in Africa to putting a portion of their own land in an agriculture preserve, they are always looking for ways to protect the land around them.   They ask themselves pointed questions.  What are we leaving for the future?  What are the dangers of what we’re doing or what we’re not doing?   Then they act accordingly.

Over the years, Conservation Minnesota has been a part of several successes that Bill and Donna are proud of, their favorite being the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.  “With Conservation Minnesota, I like where my support ends.  Conserving, not wasting.  You [CM] use the gifts we’ve given in the right way.  And you have honest, strong leadership.” Bill told us.

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