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Winter 2012: Empty a Can, Fulfill a Promise

Minnetonka native Jason Landstrom and two of his best friends wanted to help save Minnesota’s lakes from invasive species, so they started the Tonka Beer Company and decided to contribute 100% of the company profits to their newly formed Save-Our-Lakes Foundation. Today, after just a few months of brewing, their Big Island Shandy and Preservation IPA are sold in more than 100 locations throughout the state.

In September, after an exhaustive search, the Tonka Beer Company and Save-Our-Lakes Foundation chose Conservation Minnesota and the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center as the organizations to receive funding.

“We wanted to support respected, strong organizations that focused on research, prevention, management and cures to preserve our lakes and rivers,” said Landstrom.“Conservation Minnesota and the University’s center share our deep passion for protecting natural resources, and offered the expertise and infrastructure to make a difference.”

Funding from Tonka Beer Company and the Save-Our-Lakes Foundation will support the Minnesota Waters program at Conservation Minnesota.

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