Conservation Minnesota

Winter 2012: Your Priorities Are Our Mission

What makes Conservation Minnesota unique?  It’s you. You make Conservation Minnesota uniquely effective by helping us choose and solve the conservation priorities that are most important to Minnesotans. Today, your biggest opportunity to help shape and guide our work is just around the corner.

In the coming weeks, we will be conducting our annual issue survey. What we learn about your opinions and priorities will guide our work in 2013.  Last year, more than 5000 people participated in the survey and provided important insight to inform the decisions of our staff and board of directors.  Their insight led to tangible changes in our programs and services this year.

Input from our issue survey was a key factor in the decisions to launch our Mining Truth partnership and to expand our programs aimed at water protection and combating aquatic invasive species like Asian carp and zebra mussels.

There are various ways we may try to connect with you to take our survey, including touch-tone phone, through the mail or on our website.  We appreciate you taking the time to participate. If you know others who care deeply for Minnesota’s great outdoors, encourage them to take the survey here.  We know that the best decisions are made with diverse input from our friends and neighbors.  The strength of our work and the future of our state depend on your participation.

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