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Winter 2014 Newsletter: Over 50,000 Minnesotans

Thumbnail-PaulThis is exciting!  Since the last time I wrote to you, Conservation Minnesota reached an important milestone.  Today, over 50,000 people have joined our network.  Just three years ago, that number was 5,000.  It is tremendously gratifying to see Minnesotans coming together in this way, helping guide and support our work to protect Minnesota’s lakes, lands, and way of life.

While our work reflects the stewardship values that we have in common, our network reflects the full diversity of our state’s population.  Our members live in every one of Minnesota’s 87 counties, with 53% living in the Twin Cities metro area and 47% living in greater Minnesota.  The best part?  We are just getting started.

Just think of the progress that 50,000 people can make together on the issues that matter most to you.  Working together toward goals like protecting our lakes, rivers, and drinking water from pollution, there is so much we can accomplish.

To better serve you and engage this growing network, Conservation Minnesota is building a statewide team of Community Coordinators.  These coordinators are anxious to build long-term, sustainable relationships with our network members and community leaders.  Their goal is to provide you with meaningful opportunities to make a difference that can fit in your busy life.

Thank you so much for helping make us effective by supporting this important work.  I look forward to protecting the Minnesota we all love…together.


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