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Winter 2014 Newsletter: Rochester Citizens Choose Clean Energy

Rochester-Mayo-Clinic-ThumbnailIn our continuing effort to understand the interests of Minnesotans and the issues that are important to them, we recently surveyed people in Rochester to see what they thought about several, energy related, topics.  The results showed us that there is strong support for clean energy and conservation initiatives in the community.

Of the 1,587 Rochester residents who participated, the strongest support was found for the city’s efforts to encourage more use of walking, biking, and mass transit to reduce energy consumption (74 percent).  Additionally, 73 percent of respondents said the City of Rochester should support increasing the state’s renewable energy goals.

Nearly 70 percent of Rochester residents supported the decision by Rochester Public Utilities to host a Neighborhood Energy Challenge which helped residents not only better understand their electricity usage, but also identify opportunities to become more efficient.  A similar percentage said they would support a city resolution to use renewable energy to meet any growth in demand for electricity.

With Rochester being home of one of the nation’s leading medical facilities, there was also strong support for moving away from using coal as a primary source for the city’s electricity due to its link to increased mercury in lakes, asthma, and heart disease.

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