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Summer 2012: In the Stadium’s Shadow

Based on all the media coverage, you might conclude that the stadium debate was the only thing happening this year. But Conservation Minnesota made progress–and prevented attempts to take our state backward–on several key issues during the first half of 2012.
Conservation Minnesota worked with partners to launch a statewide initiative to increase awareness of Sulfide Mining Pollution.  Sulfide mining produces valuable trace metals like copper, nickel and gold, but its byproduct is sulfuric acid.

Building and Protecting the Legacy
Conservation Minnesota successfully worked to prevent diversion of Legacy Funds to the stadium and other inappropriate uses.  We made progress in cleaning up our polluted lakes, rivers and streams with the allocation of an additional $112 million into testing, restoring and protecting our water.

Aquatic Invasive Species
State lawmakers added teeth to state enforcement efforts by increasing penalties for boaters who willfully spread AIS and making it easier for officials to inspect boats and watercraft.

Not This Time

  • Polluters Write the Permits – We worked to defeat legislation that would have allowed corporations to write their own permit applications, and would have required the state to consider them automatically approved.  If the bill had passed, permits could be issued even if the state wasn’t sure the company could operate without polluting.
  • Trusting Our Lakes to Congress – We helped stop a measure that would have prohibited the state from adopting water quality standards that are more protective than federal standards. Because there are no defined federal standards for water (federal law leaves this to the states), Minnesota may have been left with no way to determine safe levels of chemicals in our drinking water.
  • Undermining Recycling Efforts – Minnesota’s recycling programs are among the best in the country. Conservation Minnesota lobbied against a bill that would have made it nearly impossible for cities to add or expand recycling collection services.

We look forward to more opportunities to work with you in the coming months.  Together, we can protect the Minnesota you love.


Paul Austin
Executive Director

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