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Summer 2012: Kristin Eggerling

Meet Kristin Eggerling.  She is the mother of two, a freelance writer in northwestern Minnesota, and a longtime friend of Conservation Minnesota.

CM: Was there a moment when you knew protecting our Great Outdoors was a priority for you?

Kristin: I can’t think of any particular a-ha moment. It just makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t we do all we could do protect our most valuable resources? This really hit home after having children. Our lives are fleeting but we have a responsibility to future generations. I think the outdoors is especially important here in Minnesota. Even though our climate is harsh at times, being outdoors on our lakes, at our cabins is what defines us. As I get older, I find that spending time outdoors is becoming more and more important for me.

CM: What CM accomplishments are you most proud of?

Kristin: CM was instrumental in the enactment of the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment that is helping to clean up our lakes and streams, protect fish and wildlife habitat and support our parks and trails over the next 25 years.

I’m excited for the Recycling Refund. It hasn’t been enacted yet, but I’m proud that our organization is helping to make this effort a reality.

CM: Why do you choose to support CM?

Kristin: Conservation Minnesota is a unique organization and one that I am proud to devote my time, energy and money. It is a bipartisan organization that advocates for conservation practices and policies that protect the Great Outdoors, but it also informs and educates citizens on environmental issues and how to act and affect change.

Be sure to catch Kristin’s regular articles on the CM website.

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