Conservation Minnesota

The Lakes and Rivers Conference to Return Spring 2014

Conservation Minnesota, the Freshwater Society, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency, and University of Minnesota Extension are happy to announce the revival of the Lakes and Rivers Conference.  This new collaboration will not only reinforce past practices that lake associations are familiar with but also expand on the model to ensure this will create new opportunities for citizens throughout Minnesota.  We want to create a space for all who care about our water to gather, work, and learn with others about ongoing and new efforts to protect and restore Minnesota’s water resources.

As we prepare for the upcoming event we would like to hear from you!  What are you interested in learning about?  What issues around water matter to you?

Please complete this five question survey by October 15, 2013 so we can ensure your voice is heard and we make this first of the new Lakes and Rivers conferences a success.

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