Conservation Minnesota

Conservation & Customer Choice – Dex One

Dex One has partnered with Conservation Minnesota to create, making it simple for you to choose thedex175 number of directories you wish to receive, stop delivery of directories, or find out how to recycle phone books in your area. The website is a first in the nation partnership between a non-profit conservation organization and phone book publishers. It is a clear sign of our joint commitment to consumer choice and environmental protection. To create Don’t Trash the Phone Book, Conservation Minnesota has partnered with the Local Search Association and the three largest publishers of yellow page directories in Minnesota: Dex One, Yellowbook, SuperMedia.

About Dex One

Dex One is the proud leader in offering a consumer choice program regarding the number of directories they want delivered or if they want to opt out completely. In 2007, Dex One formed a team that ultimately created the program, and they launched it in May 2008 with dedicated phone lines and an interactive website. The program was an addition to the company’s long-standing recycling program. Today each printed directory contains information on how consumers can change the number of directories they receive or to opt out completely. Additionally, the company reaches out in advance to large businesses and residential complexes to determine the directory needs and “sweeps” areas after delivery to pick up unclaimed directories.