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Conservation & Customer Choice – Super Media

SuperMedia has partnered with Conservation Minnesota to create, making it simple for you to chooseSuperPages175 the number of directories you wish to receive, stop delivery of directories, or find out how to recycle phone books in your area. The website is a first in the nation partnership between a non-profit conservation organization and phone book publishers. It is a clear sign of our joint commitment to consumer choice and environmental protection. To create Don’t Trash the Phone Book, Conservation Minnesota has partnered with the Local Search Association and the three largest publishers of yellow page directories in Minnesota: Dex One, Yellowbook, SuperMedia.

About Super Media

SuperMedia is an advocate for local business committed to powering regional economies while reducing its environmental impact. SuperMedia has implemented programs focused on resource reduction, environmental manufacturing practices, recycling and sourcing sustainable materials when possible. SuperMedia was one of the first publishers to sign the Yellow Pages Association and Association of Directory Publishers Joint Environmental Guidelines, which underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility. Their books are printed on paper containing up to 40 percent post-consumer recycled fiber and, when available, the remaining paper content comes from wood chips and pulp – waste products of the lumber industry.  And they were the first company to clearly promote Consumer Choice on telephone directory covers.

The company’s paper reduction initiatives are an integral part of its printing and distribution process. They’ve implemented internal programs to limit the amount of paper used by focusing on printing and distribution models and making appropriate modifications. By minimizing residential white pages, SuperMedia decreased their use of paper by 12 percent. Paper reduction does more than decrease the amount of paper used—the program limits the amount of ink used. It also impacts the amount of fuel consumed in the distribution of the product by both freight partners and vendors.

In addition to reducing paper use through residential white pages minimization, SuperMedia also works diligently to develop accurate projections of the number of books that will be used by consumers. By carefully managing projections for use of the phone books, SuperMedia has significantly less waste and fewer in-stock books to recycle between publications… 1.2 percent salvage in 2010 to .6 percent salvage in 2011.

Also, SuperMedia works with state and local governments to educate communities and promote directory delivery opt-out. Together, these initiatives help to foster a community of stewardship and recycling to minimize impact on the environment while balancing the needs of consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses.