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The Great Fergus Falls Legacy Puzzle

Below are the clues to solve the puzzle.  Deciphering the clues will help you identify letters on signs at six local locations. Solve the puzzle by unscrambling the letters from the signs and submit your answer here. The first person to submit the correct answer will win the $200 cash prize.

Near an oversized goose and a tale of great wind.
Fergus’ legacy lives, any time you walk in.
From a large red sign, on your left at the door.
You will need to retrieve letters twelve, two & four:(12th, 2nd, 4th letters)
(HINT: Otter Tail County Historical Museum)

Heading north out of Fergus, in a state hunting ground.
A dirt road to a cemetery, where you’ll turn around.
It’s there on the right, as you start heading back,
A sign that appears to be under attack: (1st & 3rd letters)

Along the Red River, back when wheat was king.
Water and wheel made machinery sing
For your clue, a “memory” plaque does the talking.
Where a legacy grant paid for something quite shocking: (15th letter)

The goal of the amendment is that waters run clear.
Like at Delagoon Park, Pebble Lake at the pier.
Find a tribute to someone who loved the outdoors.
Where the chisel met stone one more letter is yours: (11th letter)

Downtown are four signs just below the marquee.
With four different ways to enjoy this grantee.
1 out of 4, that’s not the best chance.
You’ll increase your odds if you learn how to dance: (3rd & 20th letters)

It’s the good kind of pothole (that’s no play on words).
Habitat near the highway for hundreds of birds.
A great place to learn that will never get boring.
An example of what the amendment’s restoring:  (4th, 8th & 15th letters)

Unscrambling the 12 letters from above, you’ll see what we mean.
Two words that describe a beautiful scene.
Two simple words that work like a team.
To round out this Fergus Falls weekend theme.

Guesses can be submitted at

In need of a helpful hint?  Visit the Conservation Minnesota table at one of the following Legacy Destination Weekend Events:
The Brewers Festival at the VFW, which is a fundraiser for the Otter Tail Historical Society Friday from 7 to 10 pm.
The Nature Photography Class at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center from 8 to 10 am Saturday.
The Central Lakes Trail bike ride at the trailhead in Delagoon Park at 2 pm Saturday.

Get more information about Clean Water, Land and Legacy Funded projects at