Conservation Minnesota

Why is Recycling Important?

The State of Minnesota set a goal to recycle 80% of beverage containers by 2012. Currently Minnesotans recycle less than half that amount. The Minnesota Recycling Refund Act would encourage recycling, reduce litter, and decrease recyclables in landfills. It would also help raise income for the state, fund local curbside programs, create jobs, and provide great fund raising opportunities for schools and civic organizations.

Non-recycled beverage containers cost Minnesota cities and towns about $200 million annually for landfilling, incineration, and litter clean up. Now, more than ever, cash-strapped cities need ways to save money.

Conservation Minnesota supports and advocates the Recycling Refund Act, a bill in the Minnesota legislature that was introduced in 2011. Read more about the bill here.

Phonebook pages are 100 percent recyclable and are often used to make new phonebooks. Yellow Pages companies have made dramatic improvements with regards to sustainable phone book production, reducing the amount of directory paper used 29 percent since 2006. Directories today are printed on paper that is either recycled or made from leftover woodchips from the lumber industry so no new trees are necessary to make directory paper. Publishers have also turned to soy-based inks and have repaginated and redesigned their phone book layouts to minimize paper usage.

According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, an estimated 13,000 tons of phonebooks were distributed in Minnesota in 2006, that’s nearly 13 pounds per Minnesotan (based on 2005 population estimates).

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