Conservation Minnesota

Renewing Your Association’s Membership

The following is an email sent to members of Minnesota Waters….

Dear Minnesota Waters Members,

One of the greatest assets that Minnesota Waters has built over the years is the tremendous network of Lake Associations, Coalitions of Lake Associations, and River Organizations who are actively protecting our state’s waters. We want to sustain and build this membership.

A Simpler Process
Instead of having a different renewal date for each association, all associations will be asked to renew during April-June. Your membership will be good for one year. (July 1st – June 30th)

Association membership dues vary by number of members.

$100 (1-50 Members)
$150 (51-150 Members)
$200 (151-300 Members)
$300 (300+ Members )

MNW Lake Association Renewal Form

Website Hosting Fees on Same Schedule

Conservation Minnesota will be working with Lake Association webmasters to move existing materials to the new platform and provide training on using the new website. Only Lake Associations who have paid their 2014/2015 membership dues and hosting fee will be moved. If your Lake Association does not currently have a website hosted through us but would like to create one, we are happy to help set you up. Any questions regarding web hosting can be directed to Liz Deering at 612-767-2444 or email

I look forward to working together for years to come.

Paul Austin
Executive Director