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I don’t know if any of you have ever given up a life of wandering around the woods chomping on aspen twigs for a 9-5 office job in Minneapolis, but let me just tell you, it comes with a healthy side of culture shock.

A lot has changed since last year! For starters, I’m no longer the newest member on staff. When I was hired, I became the third Coordinator. Now, in addition to me, there are five Community Coordinators all around the state. Each Coordinator is charged with reaching out to you, our members, and local leaders to understand community concerns, build support for solutions, and provide simple and effective opportunities for you to make a difference. I’m here in town to help Conservation Minnesota with today’s big Give To The Max Day. They are expecting me to be in the office working the phones, talking with donors, and helping out with some light data entry. Thankfully, they were able to locate a stand up desk for me, so I don’t have to worry about breaking yet another chair that isn’t rated for even the smallest member of genus Alces.


Our Community Coordinators’ work has been made possible in part through a partnership with Audubon Minnesota. It seems both of our organizations have a commitment to improving our clean water, healthy habitats (for birds and moose alike), and clean air.

Community Coordinators, John Anderson and Avery Hildebrand, and Public Engagement Director Jaclyn Urness, helped me skip out of work for a bit yesterday to go birdwatching. They were telling me all about the future of bird populations in Minnesota.

John and Avery were so nice that I’m hoping to make it down to Rochester to meet Southern Minnesota Community Coordinator, Anna Richey, before I head back home. And I’ll definitely make plans to stop in Duluth on my way back North to catch up with Northeastern Minnesota Community Coordinator, Jackie Halberg.

Now is your chance to help make sure this important work gets done. Please consider including Conservation Minnesota in your Give To The Max contributions today. Together we can protect the Minnesota we all love!

About Max A. Moose

Max A. Moose
Hailing from a small patch of forest near the Laurentian Divide outside of Isabella, Minnesota, Max brings an interesting skill set to his role with Conservation Minnesota. Raised quite literally by wolves, Max earned a Bachelor of Science degree in winter survival with a minor in arboreal herbaceous foraging from Superior National Forest University. Max serves as Conservation Minnesota’s Wildlife Coordinator. In this role he is responsible for making the voices of Minnesota’s wildlife species heard. A perfect day in Max’s world is a short hike down to Lake Gegoka with a picnic of aquatic plants and a few pinecones thrown in for good measure. While he tends to spend as much time as he can in the woods, Max does like to sneak into the outskirts of town every now and again for an occasional round of people watching.
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