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Helping Our Friends in Duluth

Every Minnesotan has been touched by the news from Duluth over the past week.  With each photo of destruction and accounting of loss have also come stories of heroism.  There are countless examples of friends, families, neighbors and complete strangers helping each other endure and survive a harrowing experience.  Today, as the waters recede, a fuller picture of the damage is becoming clear.  There is so much work to be done, repairing and rebuilding.

There are reports that extensive damage has been done to Duluth’s world class parks and trails system.  From Jay Cooke State Park through the historic waterfront, much has been lost.  Speaking to Forum Newspapers, the trails coordinator for the city, Judy Gibbs, said “I’m devastated. The scope of it is so tremendous. We’ve lost nearly every trail with any up-and-down to it.”  The parks and trails system also lies at the center of the region’s economy, drawing visitors from throughout Minnesota and beyond.

The good news is we can all help restore these Minnesota gems.  Conservation Minnesota is sending a small donation, and our staff will join the volunteers already working to clean up and repair storm damage to Duluth’s Parks and Trails.  You can find out how to contribute or volunteer by visiting:

See you in Duluth!

Paul Austin
Executive Director

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