Conservation Minnesota

Virginia Energy Survey

The Virginia Energy Survey

Conservation Minnesota mailed nearly 3,000 surveys to Virginia residents asking if they support or oppose actions related to energy use and conservation. The goal of the survey was to reach a broad cross section of the community. We mailed surveys to a cross-section of residents hitting every neighborhood in the community.

It is important to note that this is not a scientific survey, but can still provide important insight about community opinions and attitudes.

Key Findings

  • Virginia residents were very interested in the survey. All told, 255 people completed the survey for a response rate of over 9%. This is more than four times higher than a typical direct mail response rate.
  • Respondents strongly support past community actions aimed at promoting energy conservation and use of renewable energy.
  • Respondents are strongly supportive of the city taking more steps to use healthy, renewable energy here in Virginia and believe the city should support similar efforts at the state level.

Responses to Survey Questions 

( )= Strongly

Question 1: Do you support Virginia Public Utilities offering rebates to encourage residents and businesses to save energy by purchasing items like high efficiency lighting, Energy Star appliances, and new air conditioners?

– Support:  75% (64%)
– Neutral: 10%
– Opposed: 15%

Question 2: Do you support Minnesota’s clean energy policies that have helped to create more than 15,000 jobs in our state, including support for solar manufacturing in Northern Minnesota?

– Support:  68% (55%)
– Neutral: 12%
– Opposed: 20%

Question 3: According to Minnesota Power, the company is meeting or exceeding its renewable energy goals with no added costs for its customers. Do you think this is a good thing for consumers?

– Support:  77% (64%)
– Neutral: 12%
– Opposed: 11%

Question 4: In 2013, Minnesota Power lobbied against a state solar standard that would require 1.5% of power be generated using solar technology.  Do you support or oppose this action?

– Support:  36%
– Neutral:    26%
– Opposed:  38% (25%)

Question 5: Would you support a City Council resolution asking Minnesota Power to meet future energy growth needs for Virginia by providing low cost renewable energy?

– Support:  70% (57%)
– Neutral: 11%
– Opposed:  19%

Question 6: Do you support replacing outdated power plants with low cost renewable energy in the future?

– Support:  62% (49%)
– Neutral: 17%
– Opposed:  21%

Question 7: Should the City of Virginia support increasing our state’s renewable energy goals?

– Support:  67% (51%)
– Neutral:  11%
– Opposed:  22%