Conservation Minnesota

What We’ve Accomplished

Tens of thousands of Minnesotans have told us that one of their greatest concerns in protecting our legacy is preventing reckless mining and industry. That’s why Conservation Minnesota supports clean, responsible practices that create jobs and protect our Great Outdoors.

As a member of the Mining Truth coalition, we work with partners and members throughout the state to educate Minnesotans on the difference between traditional iron mining and untested sulfide mining. PolyMet wants to open a sulfide mine near the Boundary Waters. This would be the first sulfide mine in Minnesota’s history. These mines, as they are proposed now, could cause water pollution that would take nearly 500 years to clean up.

Armed with the facts, Minnesotans can insist on natural resource protection, high environmental standards, and taxpayer protection.

In 2013, we helped over 20,000 Minnesotans tell Governor Dayton that any proposed sulfide mine in Minnesota needs to be held to strict environmental standards. Now, we’re helping thousands more Minnesotans voice their concern over PolyMet’s Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Within a couple months, more than 5,000 Minnesotans submitted comments to the DNR, more than the Department has ever received on a single issue.

Working with our partners and members, Conservation Minnesota ensures our state thrives on responsible industry.