Conservation Minnesota

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It may sound simple, but more Minnesotans recycle each week than take any other proactive step to protect our lakes, rivers, and great outdoors. It is how many people connect to the work of Conservation Minnesota. In fact, more than 21,000 Minnesotans have called reducing waste a priority issue in our annual survey.

Eliminating waste and learning to reuse resources has been central to Conservation Minnesota’s work for years. Our state is blessed with natural resources, but they’re not limitless. That’s why we work hard with our neighbors, business leaders, and decision makers to promote recycling best practices and good stewardship of the resources we have.

Conservation Minnesota has helped pass new policies that make it easy for each us to recycle hazardous materials like electronics and paint. We have formed a first in the nation partnership with the publishers of phone directories to make it simple for you to recycle your phone book or opt out of having it delivered.

Today, we are working to double our recycling rate for beverage containers to match the results our neighbors in Iowa achieve. We are also working with the PCA to develop strategies for other problem waste materials like carpets, batteries and mattresses.

Not only is recycling part of our shared Minnesota ethics and values. It is a large industry supporting more than 27,000 jobs in our state. In fact, there are only two employers in Minnesota who employ more people than recycling does…Target and the Mayo Clinic.

What would you choose?

Is reducing waste more important than clean water? Help us choose our priorities.


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