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Transitioning to a Clean Energy Future

Polls show climate change is a top issue for Minnesota voters. For many, transitioning to clean energy is an important step in mitigating the impacts of climate change, while for others, it simply makes economic sense. We’re working to find common-ground solutions to increase clean energy while protecting our land and water from climate change-causing pollution.

Wind and solar are the cheapest forms of new energy today. Wind turbines and solar technology allow Minnesota—a state without coal or natural gas resources—to create our own energy. Good paying clean energy jobs can be found in communities throughout Minnesota, and nearly 60,000 Minnesotans work in this sector.

Clean energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of Minnesota's economy.

Recently, Conservation Minnesota helped pass our state’s groundbreaking 100% Clean Energy by 2040 legislation. The law requires all Minnesota electric utilities to use only carbon-free energy sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and nuclear power by 2040. The plan sets five-year benchmarks to ensure Minnesotans can continue to depend on reliable, affordable electricity. The 100% Clean Energy bill is a great example of how we can address our largest sources of climate pollution while creating jobs and ensuring Minnesotans’ energy remains reliable and affordable. 

In 2021, Minnesota passed the Energy Conservation & Optimization (ECO) Act and a strong Commerce & Energy Omnibus Bill. These bipartisan victories expanded Minnesota’s existing energy efficiency program and put into place key policies that will develop renewable natural gas from waste, support the economic transition of coal plant communities, study the climate impacts of construction materials, build solar on schools and landfills, and create new energy storage research and development.

 Passing 100% Clean Energy by 2040 is the biggest step towards tackling the climate crisis that Minnesota has ever taken.

2021 also saw the success of the Clean Cars initiative. Transportation is the leading source of climate pollution in Minnesota, transitioning to low- and zero-emission vehicles will be a major step towards tackling climate change. Conservation Minnesota supported the Clean Cars Minnesota initiative to increase the number of electric vehicles on Minnesota roadways.

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Interested in learning more about where Minnesota stands on climate change progress and its biggest opportunities? Take a deep dive into our state's top sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the strategies we have to tackle them in this report from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.