Blooming prairie in Lake Shetek State Park



Protecting Our Iconic Wildlife & Pollinators

Forests, farmlands, prairies, woods, and wetlands are an essential part of our unrivaled quality of life. Protecting public lands and preserving habitat for pollinators, fish, and wildlife is a key program area for Conservation Minnesota.

Catching the big one after a long day on the lake. Spotting a moose or a bear while hiking through the woods. Or hearing a loon call while at the cabin. These moments feel iconically Minnesotan. Minnesota is rich in all kinds of wildlife and they benefit enormously from our parks, forests, wildlife management areas, and wildlife refuges.

Minnesotans love to get outdoors—to discover, explore, camp, hunt, hike, enjoy our diverse wildlife, and be in peaceful solitude.

Conservation Minnesota worked to fully fund the Land & Water Conservation Fund, one of our nation’s most important programs to conserve land and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the United States.

Lebanon Hills

Minnesota’s Outdoor Recreation Economy is a $16.7 Billion industry and employs 140,000 Minnesotans

Land Initiatives
Mother and Baby loon on a misty morning

Since 1991, lottery funding has provided over $900 million for projects that conserve and protect our water, land, and habitat. But this funding will disappear if voters do not renew it in 2024. Ask your legislators to dedicate lottery dollars to protect our Great Outdoors.

Fall foliage landscape, outlook over poplar trees

The Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is our nation’s most important program to conserve lands and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the United States.

Canoe on the rocky shore of a campsite

In 2008, Conservation Minnesota played a lead role in passing the Legacy Amendment. This act constitutionally dedicates three-eighths of 1 percent of the tax revenue for 25 years to preserve the state’s natural resources and arts legacy.