Conservation Minnesota


Our Mission: Protecting the Minnesota You Love

At Conservation Minnesota, our mission is protecting the Minnesota you love by solving our state’s most important conservation problems. To succeed, Conservation Minnesota is focused on building a diverse and passionate statewide network and understanding each person’s unique interests. Then we match our members’ passion with credible information and meaningful opportunities to have a positive impact for their family, community, and future.

Understanding the unique interests of individual Minnesotans helps us have a greater impact. In addition to focusing the efforts of each member on issues that motivate them, it allows us to demonstrate how different issues are interconnected, like nature itself. Our members learn that other, seemingly unrelated, conservation priorities connect naturally to their concerns, and provide new opportunities to make a difference. Check out Connecting our Issues to see how conservation issues connect to one another.

Doing Big Things…And Getting Results

At Conservation Minnesota we deliver big results in two different ways. First, we impact decisions that affect large numbers of people, like the ones made by state & local governments. Second, we help thousands of people make personal decisions that, when added together, make a huge difference.