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About the Crew

Conservation Crew is a student leadership program for Minnesota middle schoolers designed to empower youth through conservation projects in their school and community. As a youth-led after school program, the Crew will research, select, and perform a conservation project that benefits its school and the surrounding community.

Each Conservation Crew, made up of five to 25 student leaders, self-select their focus and service project. Each Crew is supported by Conservation Minnesota staff and will be provided a program guide and a $3,000 teacher stipend.

Conservation Crew will instill leadership and real world experience in students and support them as they select, perform, and lead a hands-on conservation project in your school or community.


The Conservation Crew program is flexible in design and will augment your STEM, civic, and leadership development curriculum. Each Crew will have its own focus and document and share its project with other Crews all across the state. A panel of experts will select three outstanding projects from participating schools and award a grant to support future activities.

Sign up your school today and engage your students in a statewide, STEM-aligned, youth leadership and conservation program.

The deadline for each academic year is October 15. We will review applications submitted after October 15 for the following academic year.

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Benefits of Conservation Crew

Conservation Crew is a youth-led program that equips future leaders for Minnesota while engaging them in conservation. Students get to Discover, Decide, Design, Do, and Document a conservation project centering on issues important to them and their fellow classmates.

Conservation Crew is a fully resourced program that comes with a generous coach/advisor stipend and program support. The team of Conservation Minnesota will work with you to help customize our program guide to fit the unique culture, resources and student body of your middle school.

Participation in a Crew will spark interest and engage youth to be leaders in caring for our natural spaces and places. A Crew can engage with local policy makers, conservation professionals and work to make your community more sustainable.

Backing Up the Crew

Conservation Minnesota is dedicated to protecting the people and places we love.
We invest in programs that equip leaders of today and tomorrow to care for our natural resources.

Conservation Crew is generously supported by a grant from the Manitou Fund.