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There are lots of ways to help protect the Minnesota you love. Working together, we can make a huge difference.

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Stay Informed

Join our email list and choose the information and services you are most interested in receiving.

Take Action

Make a difference in less than five minutes by signing onto our latest petitions and letters to decision-makers.

Ask Conservation Minnesota

Ask us your questions about conservation, our environment, or anything related to our mission.  If we don’t have the answer, we’ll try to find someone who does.

Check Your Legislator

Are your legislators making decisions that protect the Minnesota you love? provides the voting history of your elected officials on important conservation issues that affect you and your family. It can help you with the questions “how did my state representative vote” on a conservation issue important to you, or even the question, “who is my state senator?”

Share Your Ideas

Tell us your conservation ideas, suggestions for our website, and ways you think we can work more effectively. And, if you like to write, we can use your help. Become a Conservation Minnesota blogger! We are looking for people who are willing to write letters to the editor or contribute stories and perspective to our website. Check out our current bloggers.