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The clean energy and low carbon transition is already underway, and the Future Fuels Act can help capture as many benefits as possible for Minnesota’s economy—while also ensuring the state is doing as much as it can to reduce carbon pollution. Read the letter of support we submitted to the legislature.

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We support bipartisan legislation to protect citizens and communities from exposure to toxic PFAS pollution in our state. PFAS chemicals have affected our drinking water, lakes, fish, and wildlife. Because PFAS are bioaccumulative and highly persistent, they present significant health risks to humans. Read our letter to the Health Finance & Policy Committee in support of this bill.

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) announced a statewide strategy to prevent, manage, and clean up PFAS contamination. PFAS chemicals don’t break down in our bodies or in the environment and have been linked to several health concerns including, low birth weights, immune system impairments, decreased fertility, and increased risk of some cancers. Conservation Minnesota applauds the MPCA.

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On Jan. 12, Minnesota Power announced its remarkable commitment to get to 100% carbon-free energy by the year 2050. Read Executive Director Paul Austin's opinion piece on this development and the state moving toward clean energy in the Duluth News Tribune.