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family picks apples at orchard
Apple-picking at Whistling Well Farm

The historic investments made by the governor and elected officials this year are supporting every corner of our state. We outline some of the ways their commitment to enhancing infrastructure, protecting the health of all Minnesotans, and broadening recreational opportunities are encouraging community stewardship and ensuring future vitality.

two people hold signs supporting climate-smart agriculture

Each August, farm families and agriculture leaders descend on 50 acres of farmland in Southeastern Minnesota’s Redwood County for Farmfest. Conservation Minnesota hosted our very first booth at Farmfest this year, where we engaged with attendees about climate-smart agriculture funding that was significantly increased in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Clearing storm drain
Our Bemidji storm drain cleanup and stenciling event

Our first term with Community Stewards based in Moorhead, Bemidji, and Winona ends this month. Over their 7-month term, Stewards reached over 800 people and hosted over 30 events. Our Stewards led educational and service projects, working with local citizens to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and improve conservation.

Dad and son enjoy summer by the lake

As we reflect on Juneteenth—an official state holiday as of this year—it’s important to acknowledge the ways that racism has seeped into different parts of our everyday lives. Inequalities and systematic barriers bleed into every system, big and small, of our society. The world of conservation and outdoor recreation is no different. We must do more to intentionally create a welcoming and inclusive outdoor recreation culture in Minnesota.

monarch butterfly in flight
Conservation Crew

Conservation Crew is our student-led extracurricular school program for middle schoolers. Rooted in service learning, students develop leadership skills by designing and implementing conservation projects to impact their schools and communities.

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