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Protecting the People & Places You Love

How We Work
Turning Your Love of Minnesota into the Laws That Protect It
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Our mission is protecting the Minnesota you love by solving our state’s most important conservation problems. Success requires more than pointing out what is wrong. Solving a problem happens only when enough people agree on a new way to do things. It’s about Getting to Yes.

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We are focused on building a diverse and passionate statewide network and understanding each person’s unique interests. We then match each person’s passion with credible information and meaningful opportunities to have a positive impact for their family, community, and future.

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Our team of program managers work with our network of over 100,000 Minnesotans and their local leaders to make progress on conservation issues. Our staff’s work varies based on the needs and goals of each community.

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Our policy team works with a diverse array of partner groups and interests to develop state and local level public policy solutions. We aim to build working relationships and trust with would-be opponents to become partners in problem solving. Our work is always bipartisan and aimed at making conservation issues a place of common ground, where Minnesotans come together for the health and prosperity of all our communities. 

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Tracking the decisions made at the state Capitol isn’t easy. Most people’s lives are too busy to pay close attention to everything that happens. That makes Conservation Minnesota’s work even more important.  We shed light on government decisions with simple and transparent information, helping you understand the decisions elected officials are making on your behalf.

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Help Us Protect Minnesota

Our over 10,000 lakes, natural resources, and four distinct seasons help define life in Minnesota. Together we can work to protect our lakes and land for the next generation.

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Our Areas of Work
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Waste & Toxics
Climate & Energy