Clean Energy

Clean Energy First is the common sense approach to transitioning our energy systems to clean, affordable energy. Minnesota is undergoing a massive energy transformation. Between now and 2040, over half of our current electricity generation, comprising 95% of Minnesota’s greenhouse gas emissions, will likely be outdated and not cost competitive. 

Implementing the Clean Energy First policy will result in the maximum possible reliance on clean energy by 2040 without having to revise goals every few years.

Between now and 2040, over half of our current electricity generation will be outdated and not cost competitive.

What Will Clean Energy First Do?

  • Require that MN utilities first evaluate clean energy technologies when investing in new electricity generation. Utilities must evaluate whether clean energy technologies, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, demand response and energy storage, can provide needed capacity affordably and reliably.
  • Use long range planning for replacement of outdated or expensive energy generating facilities and investment in the infrastructure needed to reliably deliver low-cost clean energy to meet customer needs.
  • Rely on long range planning to minimize the economic impact to host communities of power plants. Communities and affected workers should have both the time and financial resources to develop transition plans for a prosperous and vibrant economic future.

Clean Energy First is Common Sense

Clean Energy First does not require investment in unneeded generating capacity, but instead, lets utilities invest in generation when it makes the most sense. If it is possible to reach the goal to use 100% clean energy, Clean Energy First is the common sense way to get there.

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Advance Clean Energy

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