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Our work centers on listening to communities to find common sense solutions that protect our Great Outdoors. To find long-term solutions for climate and conservation, we need to work together and engage communities statewide.

Community Stewards

Conservation Minnesota’s Community Stewards work to build relationships among neighbors and foster a deeper connection to nature. Working with community members, they help identify conservation issues affecting the area and bring stakeholders together to find solutions.

Their work centers around bringing people together across regions, backgrounds, and beliefs to find real solutions and protect people and places from the adverse impacts of pollution and climate change. This work will help ensure that everyone who calls Minnesota home has access to the Great Outdoors and opportunities to enjoy it.

Community Work

  • Educate on Conservation Issues
    Stewards work to inform their communities about the unique conservation issues they face and how they can work together to create meaningful solutions.

  • Strengthen Community Engagement on Climate Change & Conservation
    Stewards help mitigate and prepare for climate change impacts, often through community service projects alongside community members.

  • Develop a Deeper Connection to Place and the Great Outdoors
    By fostering individuals' relationship with nature, Stewards deepen their community involvement and create a lifelong connection to place.

Conservation Minnesota’s Current Community Stewards

In partnership with Ampact and AmeriCorps, Stewards are placed with Conservation Minnesota for 7-to-11-month terms and are part of a greater network of Climate Impact Corps members nationwide. We hope to add Rochester in 2024.





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