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Governor Walz Continues Climate Change Efforts

Today Governor Walz took action on climate change, announcing a new Climate Change Subcabinet and Advisory Council on Climate Change. This initiative, to be led by the MPCA Commissioner, will bring together 15 different state agencies to implement collaborative action on climate change. The goal is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve community resilience, create good-paying jobs, and pioneer the clean energy economy.

Included within the duties of the Subcabinet is the directive to “identify policies to exceed the economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions goals of the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act and achieve 100% clean energy by 2050.”

During the press conference this morning Governor Walz said, “Climate change threatens the very things that make Minnesota a great place to live—from our wonderful lakes to farmable land and clean air. Building on the bold action our Administration has taken already, this subcabinet will help out our state at the forefront of finding solutions to climate change.”

We applaud Governor Walz’s action and goal to improve Minnesota’s response to global climate change. And we are grateful for his continued support in achieving 100% clean energy by 2050.