Governor Walz signed the 100% Clean Energy Bill on February 7, 2023

Governor Walz Signs 100% Clean Energy Bill

Today Governor Walz signed the 100% Clean Energy Bill after swift passage in the House and Senate. The historic legislation will once again make Minnesota a clean energy and climate leader in the Midwest. 

As the governor said in 2021, “Not only is clean energy the right and responsible choice for future generations, clean energy maximizes job creation and grows our economy.” 

The 100% proposal has been a pillar of Governor Walz’s climate change initiative for the last three years. The bill uses our current momentum toward carbon-free energy while ensuring reliable and affordable energy for all Minnesotans.

In response to today’s bill signing, our executive director, Paul Austin, said “The 100% Clean Energy bill is a great example of how we can address our largest sources of climate pollution while creating jobs and ensuring Minnesotans’ energy remains reliable and affordable. We applaud Governor Walz and chief authors Senator Nick Frentz and Representative Jamie Long for their steadfast commitment to protecting our air, climate, and Great Outdoors. This bill shows how states can continue to move climate goals forward, and we look forward to continuing to advocate for the climate solutions Minnesotans need.

Find out how your legislators voted on the 100% Clean Energy Bill. And thank the governor for his commitment to protecting our climate and Great Outdoors.