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House Passes 100% Clean Energy Bill

Yesterday the Minnesota House passed the 100% Clean Energy by 2040 bill, House File 7. This is the first of three critical steps to ensure we produce 100% of our energy from clean, reliable sources like wind and solar by 2040. Next the bill will be heard in the Senate, and if passed it will move to the Governor’s desk to be signed. Governor Walz is a strong supporter of the 100% bill and has made addressing climate change one of the key pillars of his agenda.

“The Minnesota House of Representatives brought us one step closer to our biggest action ever to address the climate crisis. This historic piece of legislation will expand our economy, reduce dangerous pollution, and protect our Great Outdoors for future generations,” said Paul Austin, Executive Director of Conservation Minnesota. “We applaud House members for making this one of their top priorities this legislative session, and we look forward to the Senate passing their 100% bill in the coming days.”

Our 100% Clean Energy page* provides additional information about the bill and its benefits. We encourage constituents to continue to reach out to their senators to show support for this and other climate legislation.

*UPDATE: This legislation passed—see Clean Energy by 2040.