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Newsletter: Connecting Students to Conservation

This fall, Conservation Minnesota is proud to launch Conservation Crew, a student leadership program for Minnesota middle schoolers designed to empower youth through conservation projects. As a youth-led after school program, the Crew will research, select, and complete a conservation project that benefits its school or the surrounding community. Each Crew will be supported by a teacher and Conservation Minnesota staff.

The new program will engage students from across the state and reach communities who might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about conservation. Individual schools will share their work with one another, enabling collaboration with students from different backgrounds. Opportunities to meet with local policymakers and conservation professionals will build students’ leadership and communication skills. In the spring, three outstanding projects will be awarded prizes to fund future activities.

By investing in students, we hope to foster a lifetime connection to conservation and the Great Outdoors and equip young leaders with the skills they need to protect our environment. As students begin their projects, we will provide updates on our website at: conservationminnesota.org/crew