REST Rosemount Environment and Sustainability Task Force
City staff, council members, Mayor Bill Droste, commission members, and Conservation Minnesota's Avery Hildebrand (second from right)

Rosemount Environment & Sustainability Task Force

by Avery Hildebrand,
Regional Manager - Southeast Metro

I’ve been lucky enough to have had many opportunities over the last few years to work with the Rosemount Environment and Sustainability Task Force. Former Rosemount City Council Member Vanessa Demuth worked to help create the task force that harnessed the passion of the community and tackled important conservation issues at the local level. The task force worked diligently on everything from creating a community wide Energy Action Plan to organizing recycling and waste management at big city events.

On December 17th, 2019 Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste and City Council Members in attendance enthusiastically voted to turn the task force into an official city commission. This marks a big step for Rosemount to take the good work they’re doing to the next level. Rosemount serves as a positive example that environmental and conservation issues are important to the health and happiness of people everywhere. I look forward to continuing my work in Rosemount and visiting their newest advisory commission.