woman runs on path near lake in springtime

Spring Newsletter 2021: Living up to Shared Responsibility

Over the years, we have heard from thousands of Minnesotans about which conservation issues are most important. And every year, our legislative work with lawmakers, partners, and our members is informed by what we have learned.

Throughout our state, people feel a collective responsibility to ensure every community has clean drinking water, clean air, and safe access to the outdoor spaces and nature experiences that make life here unique. But we have not yet lived up to that responsibility.

Our daily work is a constant reminder that the negative impacts from air pollution, toxic chemicals, and our changing climate are not the same everywhere—more damage is felt by communities that historically had less wealth and influence. More landfills and highways encroach on and pollute these communities. There are often fewer parks and limited access to nature. And lead pipes bring contaminated drinking water, and health risks, into many older homes and neighborhoods.

Solving these problems, and living up to our shared responsibility, requires investment. Conservation Minnesota is dedicated to addressing these inequities throughout the state, and supporting state and local policies that deliver equitable solutions for every community. This commitment has influenced the selection of our 2021 legislative priorities which include clean energy, safe drinking water, and protecting funds dedicated for conservation.