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Spring Newsletter: 2022 Legislative Priorities

Magnifying Impact

As Minnesotans, we’re all familiar with building a snowman. The small hand-packed snowball that gets you started grows into something much bigger and better. Policy wins are similar.

Passing the Legacy Amendment has led to annual investments of $300 million for clean water, parks, and wildlife habitat. And passing the state’s 25% by 2025 Renewable Energy Standard has allowed our energy marketplace to change drastically—today all of Minnesota’s utilities are headed toward 100% clean energy.

Our climate, communities, and health require us to create more policy wins that will build on themselves as time passes.

At Conservation Minnesota, we’re committed to making changes right now to find progress and pragmatic steps forward. We’re bringing people together around a new way of doing things, and it’s how we’re Getting to Yes.

2022 Legislative Priorities

Building on successes in 2021, we are optimistic that we can help one of only two divided state legislatures in the country Get to Yes on key policies again this year. We are working on:

A Clean Fuel Standard for Minnesota

Designed to reduce pollution by incentivizing low emissions fuels, a Clean Fuel Standard would combat climate change, address public health concerns, and support homegrown energy produced by Minnesota’s family farms. People of color and low-income communities are disproportionately affected by air pollution from transportation and more likely to be impacted by increasing temperatures.

Community Investments

This year, with a historic state surplus and the opportunity to secure federal funds, Minnesota has the chance to create significant community investments in infrastructure, climate resiliency, and water solutions. These critical investments will prepare all communities for the impact of climate change and ensure every Minnesotan has access to safe drinking water by replacing lead pipes.

100% Clean Energy

This package of bills would commit Minnesota’s electricity sector to 100% clean energy by 2040. The transition to clean energy would help the state reach emission reduction goals and improve air quality in communities most impacted by pollution. Since wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of new energy, this package will help consumers save money on their energy bills and create jobs across the state.

SCORE Grants

SCORE grants improve our recycling programs and fund waste prevention. Legislation to return funds currently diverted away from the program would increase our counties’ ability to reduce our landfill footprint, focus on the proper disposal of toxic waste, and help protect our water, air quality, and land.

Elk Reintroduction

The Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has a proposal to reintroduce elk in northeast Minnesota near the Fond du Lac State Forest and the Reservation. This proposal is an exciting opportunity to restore part of the cultural heritage of many Native communities—while expanding the range of one of the most majestic animals on the Minnesota landscape.