wind turbine in a field at sunset

Summer Newsletter: Minnesota’s Climate Success Story

Solutions to address climate change are important and urgent. Every news cycle brings a new report warning of the consequences of inaction. And when all we hear are the warnings, it is easy to get the impression that nothing is being done and hope is lost.

But there is excellent news in Minnesota, so good that I have surprised many of my friends and colleagues just by sharing the facts. It’s important news to share. We’ve come so far, and continued clean energy progress means a bright future for Minnesota. Our progress is having a multiplying effect.

Changing markets, intelligent decisions, and the hard work of many have made the advancements in clean energy and climate change protection a reality in Minnesota. Conservation Minnesota has helped pass critical policies at the state Legislature, advocated for the appointment of solutions-focused leaders to key positions like the Public Utilities Commission, and worked closely with customers, communities, and utilities across the state to move quickly toward reliable, affordable, and clean energy. With all this momentum, it’s no wonder clean energy has become a fast-growing sector of our economy.

Of course, there is lots of work still to do. But I am sure that we can succeed at that work if we do it together.

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