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Lebanon Hills
by John Anderson, Regional Manager - West Metro

When we think about debates around conservation and environmental issues, a lot of folks think about what goes on at the state Capitol or in Washington, DC.

by Avery Hildebrand, Regional Manager - Southeast Metro

On a warm and sunny late August afternoon, the sound of engines rumble as the Hastings Saturday Night Cruise-in moves under way.

Close up of hand charging electric vehicle
by Paul Austin, Executive Director

Today Governor Walz announced the new Clean Cars Minnesota, a set of clean car standards that will reduce air pollution from cars and trucks on Minnesota roads and improve access to electric and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Charging an EV
by Paul Austin, Executive Director

This past Wednesday the Trump Administration announced the Environmental Protection Agency will revoke California’s longstanding waiver to set vehicle emissions standards under the Clean Air Act.


If you have even a tiny patch of lawn, you can convert it to a pollinator-friendly landscape and help the comeback of an endangered species

photo courtesy of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

While everyone knows that trash is no good for lakes and rivers, many people aren’t aware that “natural” debris—leaves, grass clippings, and pet waste—are all pollution when they enter our water resources.


The state now has an official state bee and a program to help it and other pollinators thrive.

Girl with umbrella smiles and reaches out
by Paul Austin, Executive Director

The bill provides funding to the Minnesota DNR to help schools and community groups—particularly in areas with high percentages of kids living in apartments or urban environments—pay for field trips and opportunities for children to get outdoors.

photo courtesy of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
by Anna Richey, Southern MN Regional Manager

With the visionary and strategic transition Rochester is prepared to make in the next ten years, it could become a pioneer in energy in the same way it’s long been a pioneer in medical innovation and computer technology.

Kids pour water from a bucket into a container
by Anna Richey, Southern MN Regional Manager

While some environmental issues like clean energy and clean water initiatives weren’t successful this year, one piece of legislation that united Minnesotans within and outside the Capitol was No Child Left Inside (HF 133).