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Lebanon Hills
photo courtesy of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
by John Anderson, Regional Manager - West Metro

I recently attended a town hall meeting focusing on climate and energy issues in Shorewood, Minnesota.

by Keely Cervantes, Regional Manager - East Metro

On July 9th, over 30 residents and Stillwater area community members gathered together to speak about the future of clean energy and how to move their energy goals forward.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Cattail Lake
by Avery Hildebrand, Regional Manager - Southeast Metro

Throughout my time working in the Southeast Metro on state and local conservation issues, I’ve noticed a trend: Dakota County has proven their desire to engage the community they serve.

Lucy, around age 12, on a family canoe trip in northern MN
by Lucy McCurdy, Summer Intern 2019

At eight years old, on my first canoe camping trip through the Boundary Waters, I tipped my little brother in the water when he made the mistake of standing up in our canoe mid-lake.

Lake Cornelia
by John Anderson, Regional Manager - West Metro

The City of Edina and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District are launching a new joint project to help clean up the lake and protect its water quality for the future.

by Anna Richey, Southern MN Regional Manager

In Minnesota, when we talk about invasive species, we tend to think of our lakes, but in Southeastern Minnesota especially, a new land-based invasive species threatens to put the burn on that recreation—the wild parsnip plant.

Business People
by Keely Cervantes, Regional Manager - East Metro

We held the second annual Environmental Commission Conference where nearly 50 environmental commissioners from around the state joined together in learning best practices to effectively make change in their communities.


The LWCF was created by Congress over 50 years ago to safeguard natural areas, water resources, and our cultural heritage, and to provide outdoor recreation opportunities to Americans in all 50 states.

photo courtesy of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Hennepin County has maintained the same recycling laws for over 30 years, until last November when the County Board of Commissioners approved updates to their ordinance.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Laura Bishop at the Water Forum
by CM Webmaster

Everyone has the power to impact the quality of the water in our state—from local residents to the MPCA commissioner.