Close up of hand charging electric vehicle

Governor Walz Announces Clean Cars Minnesota

by Paul Austin,
Executive Director

Today Governor Walz announced the new Clean Cars Minnesota, a set of clean car standards that will reduce air pollution from cars and trucks on Minnesota roads and improve access to electric and fuel-efficient vehicles. This initiative sends a strong message about the importance of protecting our air, our water, our climate, and the health of every Minnesotan from pollution. The Clean Cars Minnesota standards will make a difference in all of our lives and create opportunities for Minnesotans across many sectors of our economy.

In Minnesota, the transportation sector is now the leading source of climate change-causing pollution. In Minnesota, the bipartisan 2007 Next Generation Energy Act, signed by Tim Pawlenty, calls for economy-wide reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. However, Minnesota did not meet its 2015 target and is not on track to meet its 2025 target. Clean Cars Minnesota will help get Minnesota back on track as a climate leader.

Read about why Clean Cars Minnesota is a current priority for Conservation Minnesota or learn more at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.