Conservation Minnesota

Center for Energy and Environment


Center for Energy and Environment was established around the same time period as Conservation Minnesota, and our two organizations share many goals and perspectives. Our efforts have helped establish Minnesota as a national leader on energy efficiency, and CEE is among the program developers that have helped the state’s Conservation Improvement Program to save Minnesotans over $6 billion in the last 20 years — strengthening our state’s economy, while keeping tons of mercury from power plants out of our rivers and lakes.

About CEE

For over 35 years, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) has provided a range of practical and cost-effective programs to help Minnesota homeowners, businesses, nonprofits and governments reduce energy waste and save money. CEE has developed programs that have served more than 65,000 residential customers and 12,000 businesses.

CEE’s Lending Center finances over $8 million annually in improvements across the state of Minnesota. The Lending Center offers a variety of financing options for Minnesota homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits, making it easy to complete home improvements and energy-efficiency projects with:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Secured and unsecured financing options
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms

In addition to lending, CEE’s strategies include:

  • We conduct technology and market assessments to identify tomorrow’s clean energy strategies. For over 30 years, our research staff has produced technical studies on building science, mechanical system performance and program and policy design.
  • The energy-saving measures implemented in our programs are selected through rigorous technical analysis performed by our research staff. By utilizing the latest behavioral research and a “one-stop” approach, our programs overcome barriers that many homeowners and business owners face when considering energy improvements.
  • Engineering Services. We provide technical assistance for commercial and industrial buildings with a focus on providing practical solutions for complex energy issues. Our engineers focus on a variety of systems and equipment from building automation systems to building envelopes to HVAC equipment to lighting.
  • Engagement & Education. We transform our research and program expertise into resources for current practitioners and future leaders to advance the field of energy efficiency. We engage our audiences while they’re in classrooms, building control rooms, researching new technologies or debating policy options.
  • We strive for collaborative progress supported by data and research, and guided by a public-interest ethic. We advance pragmatic, high-impact clean energy policies that support Minnesota’s long-term economic and environmental interests.