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Lebanon Hills
Two people stand in river while fly fishing
Brule River, MN
Paul Austin

In Minnesota, we understand how important protecting our Great Outdoors is for future generations. This summer we saw firsthand how climate change is threatening our environment through drought and dangerous air quality. As we enter this new season, it’s time we get serious about elevating leaders who will tackle climate challenges.

Mississippi River Headwaters at Itasca State Park
Mississippi River Headwaters at Itasca State Park
Keely Cervantes

Conservation Minnesota recently signed on to support a federal bill sponsored by US Representative Betty McCollum (MN Congressional District 4) called the Mississippi River Resiliency & Restoration Initiative (MRRRI). This legislation directs the Environmental Protection Agency to work with states, local governments, nonprofits, Tribal nations, and other federal agencies to coordinate and develop an initiative to protect our drinking water, wildlife, and river-dependent industries.

bulldozer on top of pile of garbage in landfill
photo courtesy of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Metro area landfills have seen a 30% increase in garbage in the last year alone, and landfills are quickly running out of space. Dealing with more waste and fewer places to put it remains a major challenge for cities like Burnsville. 

Minnesota is a clean cars state

Minnesota becomes the first Midwest state to give car and truck drivers better access to cleaner vehicles.

Two boys swimming in pool

In the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s easy to forget that much of southeastern Minnesota has very few. So, in Rochester the pools are where it’s at to beat the heat! Which is why it's important that as Rochester looks to invest in their amenities, the city consider not just how many people use the current park facilities like the pool, but who uses them.


Conservation Minnesota helped pass a ban on toxic flame retardants that went into effect this month. 

MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop
MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop, photo courtesy of MPCA

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Commissioner Laura Bishop resigned rather than be fired in retribution for her work to protect Minnesotans’ air, water, and climate.

MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop
MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop, photo courtesy of MPCA

The Minnesota Senate GOP once again considers firing Governor-appointed commissioners including Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Commissioner Laura Bishop. The threatened firing comes on the heels of a contentious session where the same senators threatened to withhold environment funding if the Walz administration didn’t delay or halt the already approved Clean Cars rule.

Saint Paul Capitol lawn

Meaningful clean energy policy is on its way to Governor Walz’s desk for signing after the House and Senate pass the Commerce & Energy Omnibus Bill. The bill creates crucial policy changes to guide energy investments and regulation while funding energy-related agencies and programs.

Juneteenth Freedom Day

Conservation Minnesota is living our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environmental movement by adding Juneteenth (June 19) as an official organization holiday. To help institutionalize and celebrate this important and historic day, we are joining many local governments, major Minnesota employers, and partners in recognizing Juneteenth.