Harnessing the Power of Yes

Getting to Yes

Our mission is protecting the Minnesota you love by solving our state’s most important conservation problems. Success requires more than pointing out what is wrong. Solving a problem happens only when enough people agree on a new way to do things. It’s about Getting to Yes.

That’s why we built our organization around the idea of bringing people together across regions, backgrounds, and beliefs, to find real solutions. It’s what makes our organization unique. The best part is: It’s working.

News headlines may focus on inaction, disagreements, and division—but each day, with your help, we do the work of Getting to Yes by finding the solutions Minnesota communities need and agree on.

Recent wins include:

With your help, we can continue to lead and inspire the nation.

How Do We Get To Yes?

  • Common Ground

    We bring people together around shared values, needs, and experiences, creating a statewide network committed to stewardship of our Great Outdoors.

  • Trusted Information

    We provide clear and accurate information about conservation problems and practical solutions.

  • Engaged communities

    We engage individuals, communities, and partner organizations to design and implement common sense policy.

  • Effective Leaders

    We help people learn and grow as conservation leaders at all levels—from students to state legislators.

  • Impactful Advocacy

    We focus our network at the right time, on the right policy, using the right strategies for success.

  • Transparency

    We deliver accountability by reporting the actions of elected leaders to their constituents.