Air Emissions Enforcement | Amendment to SF 4499

Senate voted No
| May 16, 2020
About this Legislation
Offered the Amendment

Amendment to allow MPCA to continue to apply air quality standards to existing permit holders by deleting provision in SF 4499

The Senate Environment Policy Omnibus Bill included a provision that would limit the ability of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to apply new or existing air quality standards to existing air permit holders. The bill prohibits the MPCA from applying an air quality standard when reissuing a permit to an existing facility with unmodified emissions. Reissuance is the time when emissions and permit conditions are reviewed to ensure that a facility is in compliance with air standards including any new information such as data documenting air emission exceedances. 

The effect of this provision would be to allow sources that are causing exceedances of health-based standards to continue to do so for so long as they operate the facility without changes. 

An amendment was offered to delete this provision from the bill. 


The Senate did not approve the amendment to delete this section from the bill. The Senate later voted to pass SF 4499, including the provision to weaken air emission enforcement. SF 4499 was not approved by the House of Representatives so it did not become law during the 2020 regular legislative session. 

What a no means

A "no" vote means the provision limiting the ability of the MPCA to apply air emission standards remains in the bill.

What a yes would have meant

A "yes" vote means the provision limiting the ability of the MPCA to apply air emissions standards is deleted from the bill and does not become law.

Vote Tallies

All Votes R. DFL Ind.
Yes = 32 0 32 0
No = 35 35 0 0
Abstain = 0 0 0 0
Absent = 0 0 0 0