Delaying Water Quality Standards for Industrial Facilities | Amendment to SF 2314

Senate voted No
| April 23, 2019
About this Legislation

Amendment to Delete Provision Giving Industrial Facilities Grace Period for Meeting Water Standards - Amendment to SF 2314 Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Bill

The Senate environment finance bill included a policy provision giving industrial water pollution permit holders a 16-year grace period to meet updated water quality standards once they have constructed a facility. Under this provision, even if testing shows new limits are necessary to protect the public from unsafe pollution discharges into lakes and rivers, the state is forbidden from requiring the facility to correct the problem during the 16-year grace period.

An amendment was offered to delete this provision and to maintain existing law that requires industrial water pollution permit holders to keep up to date on water quality standards.

The amendment was not adopted.


Although this grace period provision remained in the Senate version that passed off the floor, it was not included in the final conference committee report and this provision did not become law.

What a no means

A “No” vote means industrial facilities get an automatic 16-year grace period from addressing water quality discharge problems.

What a yes would have meant

A “Yes” vote means industrial facilities must comply with current law on water standards.

Vote Tallies

All Votes R. DFL Ind.
Yes = 29 2 27 0
No = 38 33 5 0
Abstain = 0 0 0 0
Absent = 0 0 0 0