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kids crossing stream on field trip (foreground)
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Owamni Restaurant signage You Are on Native Land
Sean Sherman's Owamni restaurant in Minneapolis

November is National Native American Heritage Month. It’s a time to celebrate the rich cultures, histories, and traditions of Minnesota’s Tribal Nations and acknowledge the important contributions Native people are making today. This month we’re learning more about indigenous foods, and their connection between people and culture.

Students learn how to make a wood garden bed
Crew students learn to make raised beds for a campus garden

Entering the 3rd year of our youth program, Conservation Crew, we've had some great results! Read about our program evaluation results from last school year and what we're looking forward to this school year.

Child drinks water

This week is National Lead Prevention Week (October 22­­–28), making it a good time to remind Minnesotans of the most common exposures to lead and celebrate Minnesota’s historic steps to protect children and all Minnesotans from the harmful effects of lead. 

monarch butterfly in flight
Conservation Crew

Conservation Crew is our student-led extracurricular school program for middle schoolers. Rooted in service learning, students develop leadership skills by designing and implementing conservation projects to impact their schools and communities.

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