Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Omnibus Bill | HF4124 (House)

House voted Yes
| May 9, 2024
About this Legislation
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HF4124 is the Omnibus bill for Minnesota’s dedicated Clean Water, Land, and Legacy funding. It provides appropriations for the Outdoor Heritage Fund, the Clean Water Fund, the Parks and Trails Fund, and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Approved by voters in 2008, the Legacy Amendment increased the state’s sales tax by three-eighths of one percent to fund projects across the state aimed at preserving Minnesota’s natural resources and celebrating the cultures of all the communities that call Minnesota home. Projects in the bill range from providing clean drinking water, increasing access to public parks and trails, managing invasive carp species in the Mississippi River, and much more.


The bill has passed the House and Senate and will be signed into law by Governor Walz.

What a yes means

A “Yes” vote means approving the recommended funding for projects that will help Minnesotans have more access to the Great Outdoors, provide clean drinking water, support water decontamination efforts, and celebrate the diverse history and people of Minnesota.

What a no would have meant

A “No” vote means withholding funds from projects across the state that would ensure clean water, protections for the environment, safer and more accessible parks and trails, and much more.

Vote Tallies

All Votes R. DFL Ind.
Yes = 115 46 69 0
No = 13 13 0 0
Abstain = 0 0 0 0
Absent = 6 5 1 0
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